Fall Garden - Cold Hardy Vegetables / Non Gmo Seeds

Posted by Shawna Loy on

As the summer begins to come to a close many gardeners think the growing season is ending as well.  Some may think they have to wait until the end of winter to plan for their spring garden.  Well, they are partially right, some veggies will have to wait until the spring, in most areas.  You can still buy those seeds, but make sure to research the recommended dates for your growing zone.  Some fruiting plants require longer, warmer days. 

The temperatures are getting cooler, but there are still options for cool weather crops.  Cool weather crops are leafy greens, peas, carrots, beets, radishes, broccoli, herbs and a list of other crops.  Many of these crops even taste better when grown in the fall versus being planted in the spring and harvested in the summer.  Some crops like kale get sweeter, and more tender with frost.  Kale can even last the entire winter in many growing zones. 

Herbs are another option for planting in the fall.  Many herbs mature fast and can be planted in a container. You can even bring them indoors before the first frost.  Not to mention, fresh herbs take Thanksgiving meals to another level!  Why pay for dried flavorless herbs when you can grow them at home?  They taste so much better fresh!  Herbs are known to provide medicinal benefits as well.  Herbs like peppermint can be steeped in hot water for a warm, relaxing cup of peppermint tea.  Growing fresh herbs at home is a win-win!

In northern growing zones, July and August are the months to start planting seeds for a fall garden.  Research your growing zones to find what seeds to plant in the summer for a fall harvest in your area. Don’t let fall go to waste!  Use that empty space in your garden beds to get a few more harvests.  You can have fresh veggies right in time for Thanksgiving!


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